22 July, 2013


Bad blogger checking in again. Promise to give a real long update soon but for now I leave you will a photo from this past weekend's show. 10 riders, 8 horses and a lot of fun. This was by far the largest group I have taken to a show, complete with the semi-tractor trailer. It was a lot of fun. Amanda's mom Jill made us a pasta party at my house (like real athletes - Emily) and it was a big sleepover.

The new barn is coming along well, we have 30 horses currently living on property and 25 stalls (how did that happen!?) We just welcomed a new training client Susan and her 5yo. Dave is shopping fort a second horse, Irina became Lucky's (now Lance) mom thanks to some wonderful people at the barn and Leigh Ann has purchased Zone. Lots of horse activity.

I am off to NJHP this weekend with Regal and back again on Sunday with Ceara and Rayo. I may or may not be coming home with a 3yo as my second horse...