09 September, 2014

Fusaichi is officially a Training level horse

The amazing Fu has done 2 recognized horse trials at the Training level in excellent form. He is long overdue for some chiro work which has made our dressage not as lovely as usual but we will get that sorted out before our next show in early October.

Without further ado...

We have been busy around here!

16 July, 2014

RIP Regal Affaire

The day I fell in love First day home at my farm
With big brother Rocky going to turnout

 2 yo one of our first outings
  First Clinic where we jumped 3'6" approx 4 yo

 Our last show together at Training level NJHP

Its been almost a week since we lost the first baby I raised, Regal Affaire. It has just been too difficult to put into words that he's goofy face, fluffy forelock, soft eye and velvet nose no longer welcomes me in the barn each morning. My heart breaks for Suzi who has been building her partnership with him for nearly a year. He changed my life in so many ways, taught me lessons and gave me reasons to keep going when my world felt upside down. We love you Regal and you will be missed.

06 March, 2014

Welcome "Polar Vortex"

I have been threatening all winter to name a horse Polar Vortex in honor of this snowy, icy never ending winter and here she is....I think we will call her V or Vee ?? for short. She is turning 9, about 16h, wide bodied with a beautiful feminine head. Welcome to the event team Miss V!

03 March, 2014

Remiss blogger with some photos (that makes it all better right??)

I have been the worst blogger ever. So much so that I am going to recruit my lovely employees to guest blog for me a few times so we can keep this thing more up to date.

Winter has been brutal this year. We are surviving but man or man I cannot wait for Spring! Its been a rough winter as we had Lance succumb to kidney failure and our darling Rouge re-developed fistula of the withers from her prior surgery (before we got her) we lost them within two weeks of each other. Was a rough few weeks at the farm. However as life goes on, we have had some new pony faces join the Penwick team, we welcome Stormy, Vee, Bond, Lad, Tahoe and 2 new ponies who need names! On the human front, Kathleen’s twin sister Erin joined our team and the twins are officially in charge of making the barn run like clock work, Chloe will continue to help with the barn and take on more riding and helping Chelsea with the babies.

A week ago we welcomed Morgan and her boy Tahoe, who I am looking forward to helping enter the world of eventing, they have talent I cannot wait to help develop! Alysha and her lease wonder pony Lad will also be staying on with us beyond winter, I expect to see great things out of them as well, this pony can jump and Alysha has been working hard on her homework and there are some big improvements in a short period of time.  Penwick may have 1 stall available once this snow melts off, so if you or anyone you know is interested in joining our program contact Chelsea.

Fusaichi headed to Aiken to get some more XC miles since I was afraid this never ending winter would limit me from getting him enough exposure before the Sping season hits. He is just coming 5 and doesn’t seem to stop growing and gets sassier by the day, ie I am 200% in love. I will drive down in early April to pick him up and ride for a few days in the warm, woohoo.

The Penwick team is working hard, we are all looking forward to our first outing a hunter pace on April 6th as we kick into show season. There will be lots of new faces and I am looking forward to our second season in our new home. Feeling pretty lucky and happy these days.

-          Chelsea