06 February, 2013

Tips on training event horses from DOC

David O'Connor:

  • Always use flags when training on skinny fences, horses recognize these and will hunt for the next fence once established.
  • Bad experiences with ditches can ruin a horse for eventing, more so than water complexes will.
  • Walk horses past things to familiarize them, rather than walk them towards it. (eg. ditches)
  • Use a low pole over a water tray when training, it encourages a proper jump and better shape over the fence. (particularly useful when used in a combination)
  • When training a combination jump the last element once or twice first to show the horse the exit. 
  • Move from your 'galloping position' to your 'preparing to jump position' 5-6 strides out (I always remember Andrew Hoy explaining he prepares about 10 strides out)
What are you thoughts on stirrup length?
It can depend a lot on your body type, taller people may need to ride longer, and ironically shorter people too in order to maintain balance, but generally you should be looking for a 90 degree bend in the knee.

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