20 August, 2013

Fusaichi, Fusaichi, Fusaichi

So life is chugging along at Penwick there can never be too much time, daylight or money when it comes to the horse world and that is how I feel recently. Penwick loaded up and took 7 riders to Bucks County Horse Park 2 weekends ago, it was our most mixed results horse show of the year, with 1 fall, 1 retire, 1 horse getting hurt in a silly accident by the trailers (thankfully not serious, but enough to cancel the day). Beth and Teddy continue to improve and place yet again after their move up to BN, Heidi and Rouge rocked around, Heidi just signed a 6 month lease on the big red mare, so look for great things to come. Rouge is trying to convince Heidi she is ready for 3’ and over, no matter what height the jump is actually set these days. She continues to make us laugh and is still the non-mariest mare I have ever met. Leigh Ann was a star with Valor at his first horse show, placing in the top 5, woohoo! Amanda and Noble rocked around novice and placed in the middle of the pack in a very large division, not too shabby for their second time at this level!

On my own personal front Regal had a week off, I pulled his shoes and his feet are looking be more in balance I am hoping that this may be a partial solution to our last rail slaughter. Fingers crossed. Regal is going to hit his first recognized dressage show at the end of the month at Second level. Cant hurt in case I do sell him as a dressage horse, he scored 65% at the level in an unrecognized setting a week ago.

Penwick also welcomed Kathleen to the team, she arrived from California just over a week ago and seems to be getting settled in. This week she gets the full shebang by helping Amanda with our last week of camp and 9 kids. Kathleen is looking to improve her riding skills, learn to retrain OTTBS and event at the Training level. Welcome to the team!

Lastly I acquired a 4yo TB called Fusaichi on Sunday. He is just my type, tall leggy and a little attitude. I am very excited about the lasted addition. Stay tuned more updates and I am trying to get him out in Sept to something unrecognized.