23 October, 2013

Change is in the air

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. - Arnold Bennett 

Life has been rapidly changing around Penwick, we have welcomed many new clients and horses said goodbye to a few. One of the biggest changes is I have sold my longtime partner, Regal, to Susan so he can show her the ropes of dressage and do a little bit of jumping, hunter pacing. She has been greatly enjoying getting to know him and the only thing that makes it easier is that I know Regal now has an awesome home with her and will be a rock star for her needs. She spoils Regal’s now little brother Reagan like no other horse in the barn, though Leyla and Spiderman may be tied (hello hand cut apples and carrots). The other great part is he will stay in the barn and I get to keep him tuned up for her, look out for their dressage debut this weekend at Burgundy Hollow!

Our new school horses are settling in well, Bucks Co HT saw Chloe and Phoenix kick butt with a 32 on their dressage score and some awesome jumping. Natalia will now take her to Burgundy and starting in November lease the flashy red mare. Heidi and Rouge finished off their season with a move up to Beginner Novice and clenched 3rd place. Rouge really has the jumping thing down now and Heidi and Rouge will work on lots of dressage and gymnastics this winter to come out in the Spring in full swing. Amanda and Fiddy are schooling well at home and will try their hand at Novice this weekend. Fiddy while all TB, rides and goes like a WB, which has meant some tweaks in riding style. However, they are going to be a force to be reckoned with next year after some intense dressage work this winter. This horse jumps like a pogo stick, but is not so sure dressage is his favorite thing, he will learn! Stay tuned for an update on my own plans now that I only own 1 competition horse...

Farr is coming along really well and has even proved his chops as a husband/boyfriend horse. So if anyone is looking for a lovely big gelding who has a nice relaxed demeanor get in touch! We want to find this boy his own person soon!

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